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MFZ series - FIT 2 PART

At SAMAG the workpiece defines the machine. With the concept "FIT 2 PART", the modular construction kit of the multi-spindle horizontal machining center has been developed consistently from the point of view of the workpiece to be machined. Consequently, attention was focused on flexibility. For that reason the X, Y and Z axes of the 2-spindle machine, for instance, can be corrected independently of one another.

SAMAG has designed the modular construction kit for the new MFZ generation consistently from the point of view of the workpieces to be machined. With four sizes and two types of drive, the multi-spindle machining centers offer options both for the high-speed machining of light metals and the heavy-duty cutting of steel and cast iron workpieces. The number of spindles, the variable distance between them and the extendable tool magazine in a modular design with its variety of versions allow the machining of the most diverse workpiece dimensions and capacities.

Exhibitor: SAMAG Saalfelder Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

여러분의 무역박람회 플래너

여러분의 무역박람회 플래너

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