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Since 1974, RUKO GmbH PRECISION TOOLS is one of the world's leading manufacturerwe specialize in the production of drilling, countersinking, and cutting tools. The high-quality precision tools from our production facility in Germany provide high-performance tools for the professional user in industry and trade.

We are your reliable partner in the field of metal cutting. Our drive is our fascination.

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Twist drill, Special drills, Sheet drills, Step drills, Countersink, Machine taps, Hand taps, Thread repair tools, Core drills, Rotary burrs, Hole saws, Saws, Deburring program, Screw hole punches, Core drilling machines, Coolants and lubricants, Concrete drills, Wood drills.

RUKO Twist drills

RUKO Twist drills

Versions according to DIN standards: Twist drills in accordance with all usual DIN standards. Geometry, point angles and shaft shapes for every application and specific machining task.

Material qualities and coatings: Our product range includes material qualities from HSS steel to high-quality cobalt alloys and carbide metal.
Different coatings are available for a finer match to the material to be machined.

Step drills

Step drills

The flutes of RUKO high performance step drills are CBN ground from the solid hardened form. Because CBN (cubical boron nitride) is a much harder abrasive than even silicium carbide or corundum, a better and sharper cutting edge is achieved - without burrs. And, with higher dimensional precision the drills will last considerably longer while maintaining the precise process tolerances.

Taper and deburring countersinkers

Taper and deburring countersinkers

Applicable for steel, cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals. Best results at low cutting speeds. The ideal tool for countersinking and deburring in the following sectors of industry: electrical, sanitary engineering, heating technics, mechanical engineering, switching systems, tubular steel construction, furniture and wood working, automotive and aviation.


RUKO GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge
Robert-Bosch-Str. 7 – 11
71088 Holzgerlingen

전화: +49 7031 6800-0
팩스: +49 7031 6800-66

Norbert Knoll
Export Sales Director
전화: +49 172 7105564

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