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KAPP NILES is a global market leader in grinding machines and tools for finishing of gears or profiles. Complementing highly-accurate metrology makes KAPP NILES the best partner for production solutions. Technologies from KAPP NILES guarantee both precision and cost-effectiveness for the manufacturing of sophisticated components. KAPP NILES enables its customers to bring high precision motion into their products – on land, on water and in the air.

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KNe 3G

KNe 3G

With the KNe series, KAPP NILES offers users in the field of gear grinding an inexpensive entry into precision machining. Designed on a common platform, the KNe 3P profile grinding machine and the KNe 3G generating
grinding machine are designed as solutions for the flexible production of small and medium lot sizes.

ZE series

ZE series

ZE series are designed for grinding gears. Their concept represents accuracy, long lifetime and ergonomics. Basic machines are equipped with coolant filtration unit, dresser, tailstock, in process measuring system, balancing unit, acoustic emission sensor and software for grinding and measuring of involute profiles. No anchoring or fixing of the machine is necessary. Outstanding features are a well dimensioned rotary table with electrical direct drive, hydrostatic bearing and large table bores.

KNM C series

KNM C series

The machines of the KNM C series guarantee ultimate form-, gear- and 3D-measuring technology, also for medium size and large workpieces. In connection with a direct driven, air bearing rotary table (active 4th axis) the metrological characteristics of a form measuring machine are combined with the strengths of a gear- respectively coordinate measuring machine.


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