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HYDAC - Your Professional Partner for Machine Tools.
HYDAC is one of the leading suppliers for fluid technology, hydraulics and electronic equipment. Our wide range of products, combined with our expertise in development, manufacturing, sales and service enables machine tool manufacturers worldwide to overcome the most diverse problems.

With 40 overseas subsidiaries and over 500 distributors and service partners, HYDAC is a reliable partner worldwide. The requirements of the market and their rapid achievement are the basis of our business activities and influence the action of each individual member of staff.

A product and result-oriented company structure, with its divisions and a high degree of delegation of responsibility, produces the very best organisational and technical qualifications in our staff. This allows them to fully recognise and understand the market requirements and to translate the knowledge gained into market-oriented products by the most effective.

상품과 서비스

Electronic measuring devices for pressure, flow, temperature, contamination, viscosity, water content, applied on hydraulic systems:

  • Hydraulic filters
  • Accumulators
  • Hydraulic valves, manifold blocks, hydraulic power units
  • Ball valves


Hydac Technology GmbH
66280 Sulzbach

전화: +49 6897 50901
팩스: +49 6897 509577

Dongkyu Kim
Managing Director
전화: +82 259 10931

HYDAC Korea Co. Ltd.
4th floor Wonwook Bldg.
768-12 Bangbae, Seocho SEOUL 137-8

전화: +82 2591 0931
팩스: +82 2591 0932

HYDAC Korea Co. Ltd.
586 Byeongdong Hallim Gimhae

전화: +82 55 3451811
팩스: +82 55 3451866

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